Letter Art

Wholesale Inquiries - Call Terry Cox  at 636.532.8992

Prints Charming is the creator of Campus Letter Art.  We have over 350 schools available, plus destinations and MLB/NFL versions - click above to see our gallery of letter art.

We also have framed product other than letter art.

FRAMED CAMPUS PRINTS are only $25 - the image is 13"x16" and comes in a very handsome black frame with a glass front.  Corners are protected.  If you don't see your school check our AVAILABLE SCHOOLS.

Magnetic Photo Frames  are only $12.50 and is a patent pending new twist on photo frames.  The inner frame holds a 4x6 photo and it can rest anywhere on the 9x11 magnetic surface.  We created a box that will sell it in your store - click here and here to see the box.  SEE YOUR SCHOOL ART here. 

Also new are Pro Signature Framed Prints for $12.50 and College Slogan Framed Prints for $12.50